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6 months of super slow service and still beetween 1 and 2 mb at peak times

Tried my best to stay loyal to Virgin but at the end their super slow speed at peak times(1mb to 2mb!!!!!!!!!) made me gave up.This has been going on for 7 months without any end results but loads of apologies ,discounts and no action.I have a 50 mb package and i cannot even watch I Player in the evenings.Their customer service are very efficent at trying to make you give up(i am sure this is not their purpose).All they are achieving is to damage a well known brand as the Internet (when it is working) does not allow you to hide.This is obviously a genuine customer who is trying to warn others of Virgin inability to correctly solve a problem. Virgin should make it clearly aware when signing new customers if there is an issue with the capacity of the line, it would then stop a lot of complaints(Internet is full of them).I sincerely hope they get it right very soon.

You have been genuinely warned.

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