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-3db attenuator and another connector

I experienced very slow internet over the last few days. I found the coax connection to be loose - i tightened it by hand and it back up to acceptable levels. One question i do have - the video on tips on getting faster speeds - show the coax connection with the single pin going directly into the hub. My hub has a -3db attenuator in the hub itself - which cannot be moved - i cannot remember ever being left the spanner they show in video when my internet was first installed years ago. The coax pin connector is also placed after another longer connector - i can send pics which explains this easier - if needed. It just seems excessive - there is a good 10cms between the end of the coax and hub itself. As attenuators reduce signal - is this normal practice? I just thinking about the most direct signal - given video shows the coax pin directly into the hub. Any advice from VM would help.
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Re: -3db attenuator and another connector

It is normal practice for tech's to install a Forward Path Attenuator where the downstream power is too high.

There are other kinds of attenuators, which may be in-line with the FPA, which adjust the signal in different ways.

Without knowing what your power levels are, it is difficult to say whether what you have is the best or not, but since you have working internet it must be at least ok.