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200mbps is all a lie by Virgin Media

I was always on top speed available and ended up with 150mbps package and always got that at all times unless there was an area fault etc.

Since the upgrade to 200mbps I now generally get only 7-8mbps during peak hours from say 3pm until 11pm. Virgin have oversubscribed and now we are all paying for something we are not getting.

What can we do about this?

I range Virgin in January and was told that the utilisation problem was being fixed and by March it would be fine.

March came and went, I rang again now I was told June.

Repeat story 3 more times.

Now after 10 months and being told the lie "it will be fixed in next 2 months" everytime I think we as a community should do something about this until it is actually fixed.

Firstly ring Virgin and complain, get a bill reduction EVERY month, I did and I now get a rolling monthly reduction until it is fixed.

Maybe if enough people get bill reductions they will actually do something about it.

Please tell everyone you know that is on Virgin to do this and warn people who are not to try other providers as quite frankly they have turned into the worst provider.



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Re: 200mbps is all a lie by Virgin Media

I see it's your 1st post, I would recommend you read others as you have now joined a very long line of others (including myself) that have got the same problem, and most of us have had this for a long time (2 years or more), btw they are not fix dates they tell you, they are review dates, it means they will look at the problem, laugh, and issue another review date.

Welcome to Virgin Media


All the information I provide is available on Google Search, I just make it simple for you Smiley Happy