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200mb terrible speeds .. not fit for purpose

yet again after days of been offline due to faulty hub .. finally get online to be greeted with my 200mb for early mornings then as the day hits 12pm and starts the afternoon it then ends up been 35-40mb MAX by 4pm the time I get in from work .. so the times I need speed to connect to my customers and transfer files id be better off with a 56.6k modem .. ... 80% less than I pay for ...


this is taking the **bleep** .. if I want 40mb I will get BT fibre which I will quite happily order in the next 48 hours if something isn't sorted and the direct debit will be cancelled and the equipment outside ready to be picked up because I am paying for a service I am NOT getting ..!!


Area 14 - Barnsley

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Re: terrible speeds .. not fir for purpose

Apologies for the ongoing peak time speed problems,networks are investigating capacity issues on ref. F004609611 with the next review date for how upgrade work is progressing due later in February, so we should know more then.

Kind rgds

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