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152meg runs at 1meg

had the account over a year, perfect until 3 days ago

then the speed  falLs to 1meg

FIrst day the help say it is throttle management, and will return to normal in a short time, which didn't prove to be the case.

Day2 help say their is fault and should be resolved soon, which didn't prove to be the case.

Today the help had me pushing a pin in the router, when that didn't succeed he said that there was maintenance in my area, and all would be well in 3 weeks.

There is no report of problems in the the status report of virgin website for my area. it looks like I have just been left in limbo.

I am disappointed with the 3 responses from virgin, and I just hope some kind soul on here is able to assist. 

Thank you for reading.

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: 152meg runs at 1meg



Welcome to the community and thanks for posting.


From checking your connection, there are 2 faults reported within your area which is causing an impact on your broadband.

1. An SNR (signal to noise ratio) fault which is causing intermittent connection. The reference number is F004902104 and the review date is 2nd December.

2. A high peak time traffic fault causing slow speeds. Reference number is F004038862 with a review date of 28th December.


I am sorry for the delay and inconvenience caused.



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