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10mbs on a vivid200 connection.

Im in the 04 area and for the second time in 6 months I'm having to deal with a connection that frequently drops below 10mbs.

Sometimes it's dropping close to dialup speeds and it's starting to get a bit ridiculous now, I'm paying for a service that virgin just aren't providing.

Not long since I signed a new 12 month contract and I'm starting to regret it.

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Re: 10mbs on a vivid200 connection.

Morning Goldenturnip,

Thanks for taking the time to post on the community.

My apologies you are experiencing slow broadband speeds. I know how frustrating this can be.

From checking your connection, there is a high peak time traffic fault in your area which is causing slow speeds. The reference number is F003735054 and has a review date of 24th May.

Do you notice these speeds at all times of the day or just peak hours?

Were the speed tests you completed through a wired or wireless connection?

Hope to hear from you soon


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Re: 10mbs on a vivid200 connection.


As you have been given a high utilisation fault code you are entitled to compensation in the form of bill credits make sure you request this from a forum team member funny how they never mention this.

Also when you get a REVIEW date this is NOT a FIX date this is a date they give you to shut you up for a few months until they REVIEW it again and give you another REVIEW date.

High utilisation faults because Virgin Media over sold the broadband services in your are take YEARS not months to fix I have now waited 2 YEARS and 4 MONTHS and it's still no better and my current REVIEW is September 20th.

If you are in contract and have a long standing fault you are free to leave without penalty so if you want to switch providers do so unless you have loads of patience and don't mind waiting forever for an actual fix.


Currently enjoying my over sold over utilised Virgin Media Vivid 200 gamer package that achieves 15/20 meg during peak times now that's superfast lol.

Just look how poor my BQM monitor is, but Virgin Media simply do not care...

My Broadband Ping - Vivid 200 Gamer


Area 04 Rowley Regis B65 high utilisation fault ticket F004670584 

Fault reported 09th December 2014
Fault ticket raised January 2015
Deferred to May 2015

Deferred to 12th August 2015
Deferred to 14th October 2015
Deferred to 4th November 2015
Deferred to mid April 2016
Deferred to 06th of July 2016
Deferred to 31st September 2016
Deferred to 30th 
November 2016
Deferred to 
15th February 2017
Deferred to 12th July 2017 
Deferred to 20th September 2017


2 YEARS and counting.

How can any company get away with such long fix times is beyond me and I myself would never treat my customers in such a poor way.

Upgraded to 24 downstream channels completed 25th April 2017
CMTS card upgrades completed 7th April 2017 old was Cadant now Cisco

Upgraded to 20 downstream channels completed 18th October 2016 
Upgraded to 16 downstream channels August 2016 (From 8)
F004332353 High Utilisation closed on August 1st 2016 - 
Fault reference F003508309 ticket was closed in ERROR!!!!!!

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Re: 10mbs on a vivid200 connection.

The issues are mainly peak hours but I've been getting random Internet drop outs at random times of the day. 

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Re: 10mbs on a vivid200 connection.

Hi Goldenturnip,

Thanks for getting back to us.

The slow speeds at peak times has been explained by my colleague but I'm curious about the disconnections you report.

  • Do these affect wired devices or wireless (or both)?
  • Does the Hub power off or auto-reboot?
  • How long do these last before service resumes?

Please provide as much information as you can so that I can help Smiley Happy

Forum Team

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