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telephone call from BT

I have just this  minute   received  a call on my land line   from  an Asian sounding  man  purporting to be  from BT   regarding my    problematic internet   connection,   I told him I was with Virgin   he said  it doesn't    matter   every thing goes through BT,    he wanted  me to  sit at my computer  while he talked me through  things,  I declined  and told him  I  had no proof  of who he was,  he said he would  explain  once I was at my computer,   I declined  again  and told him I would contact  Virgin,  I have  always been wary of these   sort of calls   especially as the  callers number was withheld  

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Re: telephone call from BT

bt never withheld there numbers that was a scam to get you to download something i would i hung up or muted the call he would not ring back haha or i would say something saying virgin media does not go though bt network and swear at him and hang up it will stop them calling that number

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Re: telephone call from BT

I have developed a sure fire way of dealing with "withheld" telephone numbers.

Just answer the phone, but say nothing at all. I know the natural inclination is to say "hello", but just say nothing. 99% of the time the call is just dropped by the caller. One of the reasons for this is that "carousel" dialling systems will only connect their call when a sound is detected at the other end. By saying nothing the automatic system just hangs up.

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Re: telephone call from BT

yes it is a scam. they will ask for remote control of your pc, then make up issues by getting up event viewer and pointing out standard normal pc errors then say you have a virus then want hundreds of pounds to get it fixed. i know their patter and methods very well.
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