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Received a letter from virgin media about our Internet security don't really understand it and I've checked my emails doesn't look like it's been sending out spam emails,not sure if the letter it legitimate or not?
But for a good while now mine and another laptop in our house has not been working right i.e not loading any webpages, being very slow
Assumed it was the laptop and took it to be repaired, repair guys wiped it but problem still occurring
This is only happening on two laptops,another laptop/phones/tablets/consoles are all working fine
Some advice would be greatly appreciated
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Re: laptops

Virgin Media do send out such letters but if you have doubts about authenticity then wait for a forum team member to respond. In the meantime you may wish to follow the advice under “Home network SPAM alert, Want to fix the issue yourself?

FYI, it is not unusual to find no evidence of spam having been sent from your email / webmail client as neither is required by the spammer.

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Re: laptops

Hey laurapony,

Thanks for getting in touch, I can confirm that the letter from the Security Team is genuine and would urge you to follow up on any advice mentioned.

You can also find additional information about this and other security matters on our dedicated help Hub, hopefully you'll find this of some use.



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