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Virgin problems with search and Spotify

While I am streaming from Spotify Virgin will not allow me to perform searches on Google - the results page goes to "Look out! Virus Safe has blocked this site" This is resolved when I log out of Spotify.  Any suggestions welcome.

PS Do Virgin staff use Virgin websites and customer care?  There is so much that is unhelpful and difficult that could be easily resolved.

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Re: Virgin problems with search and Spotify

Hi Adrian22, 


Thanks for getting in touch, I am sorry to see you have had trouble while using Spotify. 


It seems to be quite an odd issue, not one I have come across before. 


I am going to ask you some questions so we can try to get to the bottom of this:


Do you have any pop up blockers enabled? 


Is that the exact message you receive when you are trying to browse, while using spotify? 


Do you have this issue on all devices?


What security software are you using? 


Keep me posted. 




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Re: Virgin problems with search and Spotify

Depends on

1. What you are searching for &
2. What your VS settings are in your VM account

You can turn it off if you have AV installed and if the issue persists that may be the course of action as a work around.

I do not use it locally (VS) just to confirm.

Daren, ITsold UK Website Support
Not affiliated with VM just trying to help where I can.
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