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Spammers using my e-mail address

Have been receiving batches of 'undeliverable e-mails' obviously spam, but returned to me because they are using my e mail address.

Mail has been generated when my computer has been switched off but I have run F Secure and ESAT scans to make sure there is nothing lurking. Neither can I see signs of anything unusual on the web email site although I usually use Outlook on my desktop.

Eventually I can see this is going to cause problems with my mail being stopped. Is there anything anyone can do to stop their e-mail address being spoofed like this?

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Re: Spammers using my e-mail address


Had exactly the same problem with 2 email addresses ending in, tried changing the account passwords several times as virgin kept insisting that my accounts had been hacked , ended up trying the max length of password and using totally random letters and numbers, still kept getting lots of undeliverable mail messages.  so if you have not tried changing account passwords do that first.

But I think you will find that your address is just being spoofed, which is the conclusion I came to, after having my accounts locked by virgin a number of times just got the accounts deleted and now I only use gmail.

There is nothing you can do to stop someone spoofing you email address.

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