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NetBIOS Alert - issues with linked Apple Time Capsule?


I received a letter from Virgin saying I had a NetBIOS vulnerability. I followed their advice and set Firewall Protection to Medium and ensured ports 137, 922 and 1022 are closed. I have also disabled NetBIOS over TCP/IP.

But am still receiving letters that I remain vulnerable.

I run all apple devices and the router is in modem mode connected to an apple time machine which acts as my wifi.

It looks like this is the vulnerability - but the time machine is up to date and I believe that the time machine has its own firewall.

Grateful for any advice.


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Re: NetBIOS Alert - issues with linked Apple Time Capsule?

Hello t247365


Welcome to our forum, it does sound quite frustrating, off the top of my head it may be worth double checking with Shields Up and if that shows a problem but they are disabled in the time machine speak to Apple I guess. Please keep us updated.


Thank you


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