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Mirai & HP printers

So I got letter saying that Mirai botnet had used one of my Internet of things devices .

I have a Now TV box, Amazon box , Google chrome cast & audiocast devices. I also have a CCTV connected to the internet and a HP PSC5510 printer. I used "Shields up" & ""  to scan my system.

"Shields up" said port 554 is open presumably for the CCTV and incapsula, after switching things on and off seemed to suggest that the culprit was either my CCTV and /or my HP PSC5510 printer.

1) Is this likely  for the printer to be infected ?

2 How do I close or stealth port554 ?





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Re: Mirai & HP printers

Port 554 is used for Media streaming for things like Apples Airplay and Windows Media Player Network Streaming.  So that's not going to be Mirai related.

It's more likely to be your CCTV camera then the printer however the best way to lock them both down is.

1. Reboot the device - This flushes Mirai out as it sits in what's known as nvRAM - which is cleared on reboot.
2. Change the login username and password to something secure. - Mirai uses a dictionary attack of default passwords to gain access to a device.

Note - some devices won't let you change the username - but all should let you change the default password.  If possible though CHANGE BOTH



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