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Fraudulent Surveys



We have received a number of reports of fraudulent pop up surveys being presented to our customers when accessing the internet.

The survey purports to be from Virgin Media and offers a free gift on completion of the survey.

Once completed users are asked for their financial details to cover the cost of post and packaging.

After the bank details have been supplied a large sum of money is debited from the user’s bank account.

Please be aware that this is not a Virgin Media survey.

This issue is most likely caused by a browser extension/malware installed on a user’s device (PC, laptop, tablet, mobile) interacting with tracking cookies. 


The extension looks at what sites have been visited and then displays a pop-up survey which includes the name of one of those sites in order to give the pop-up an air of authenticity/legitimacy.

This can give the impression that Virgin Media is responsible for the pop-up. This is not the case. The pop-up appears because of the browser extension/malware.

Virgin Media takes your security very seriously. If you have experienced the above, we recommend that you take steps to ensure that your internet browsing is safe and secure. We would recommend all customers follow this advice.

1. Block pop-ups from untrusted sites

2. Install only reputable software and be careful during installation not to agree to the installation of additional software unless you are fully aware what it is and wish to install it

3. Check to see if your device has a virus
The best way to do this is by using an online virus scanner such as those detailed below: * *

4. Use your Internet Security package to remove a virus
If you don’t have a security package installed you can get award winning internet security F-Secure SAFE by signing into your account at and go to My Apps. Once downloaded and installed it will immediately run a scan of your device.
F-Secure SAFE is included free of charge for 12 months with your Virgin Broadband and this should get rid of most viruses. If you already use F-Secure SAFE, make sure "Viruses and spyware scanning" is turned on.

5. Get up-to-date software
Keep your operating system and application software up-to-date. Install software patches so that attackers can’t take advantage of known problems or vulnerabilities. Many operating systems offer automatic updates. If this option is available, you should enable it.

6. Activate Virus Safe
In order to help prevent future infections it is recommended that you turn on Virus Safe, which is available as part of our free Web Safe service which can be found within My Virgin Media. Virus Safe will help you block access to web sites known to be infected or to distribute Malware. Full details can be found by signing in to your account at

7. Remove any suspicious programs that shouldn’t be installed from the Programs and Features section in Control Panel. **

8. Reset your browser to default settings and disable any browser extensions that you are not familiar with: *

We also recommend you visit our security section in help & support at

If you would like further advice then our forum community here will be happy to help. 




Gadget Rescue
If you require expert assistance to deal with this issue why not use our payable Gadget Rescue***service to help secure your home devices? 

For more information on how our Gadget Rescue service can help please call 0800 014 7548 or visit Alternatively visit a high street or online service which offers a suitable payable solution to help secure your home devices.


Where can I find further information and advice?

For further advice about staying secure online, please visit *

Browser tips *

Removing pop-ups *



* These links to external sites are provided as a courtesy. Virgin Media are not responsible for the content of these sites or any problems encountered whilst applying these steps and we are unable to provide any technical support for such problems.

** These fixes are provided as a courtesy and we are not responsible for any problems encountered whilst applying these steps and we are not able to provide any technical support for such problems

*** Minimum system requirements and Acceptable Use Policy apply. Gadget Rescue is available on a monthly subscription basis (6 month minimum term applies) or as a "One-Off Fix" service. Gadget Rescue terms and conditions apply.

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