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To whom this may concern.
I have went into my credit file to check my credit report and someone from po1 39tf has took a virgin account in my name, and date of birth and i now have a default on my credit file.
The account number ends in **** and they took this account out in september 2016. Please can someone remove this as this account was not taken out by myself and affecting my credit report. If you need anymore information im happy to help.
Kind regards




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Re: Fraud

Unless one of the forum's Superusers raise this issue with the Forum Team you may have to wait a couple of weeks for a response.

If you believe a fraud has taken place contact ActionFraud for advice.

IMHO, you may wish to:

  • inform the Credit Reference Agency of the erroneous data and ask they correct it; which they probably will not at this stage but at least it will be flagged as disputed. 
  • call Virgin Media on 0345 454 1111, ignore the prompts and eventually you will be put through (AFAIK)
    - Or -
    write to Virgin Media's Data Protection Officer asking they investigate how someone from Gosport managed to use your details to sign up for a service. The address is:
    Data Protection & Privacy
    Virgin Media
    Bartley Wood Business Park
    RG27 9UP
    Clear state that after 28 days you will raise a complaint with the Information Commissionaire's Office if they fail to respond.

Once Virgin Media respond confirming an error or attempted fraud contact the Credit Reference Agency asking them to remove the erroneous data from your credit file. If they should refuse raise the matter with the ICO to have your credit file corrected.

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Fraud

Hi Sarah

I am very sorry to hear that there has been an issue with your information being used and we would like to see what we can do to help with this.We take all our customers Data Protection rights incredibly seriously and will do our best to support you with this.

If customers do feel like their data has been used without consent then we would ask that you speak to our Care teams via 150 or 0345 454 1111 where they can look into this with you. Once they have run through the relevant checks they would then put you in touch with our own fraud teams.

Further investigation would then commence until this is resolved for you.

With regards to this issue I'm also going to send a pm to you that you can find in the envelope on the top right on the forums.

If you could get back to me on this that would be great.

Speak soon.

Forum Team

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