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Email accounts being repeatedly locked

For over 6 months now VM have been locking my email accounts on a regular basis usually weekly and texting me to say it’s because they are detecting spam from the accounts.  Two of my accounts out of the 5 email accounts we have are suffering bounce back emails.  On checking these emails it’s clear that the source of the emails is not my account as the IP addresses are always overseas.  The evidence suggests I am suffering from spoofing on two of the accounts.  Having made many calls to get my accounts active again I am very much at the end of my tether with this.  It seems to me that I am being persecuted by VM for the activities of others. Here are a few facts about my experience.

  • VM are locking my daughters email account which one of the accounts that doesn’t have bounce backs.
  • They send letters to me that say they have locked my wife’s account but they haven’t, they locked mine or my daughters.
  • My other daughters account has never had any bounce backs or ever been locked
  • The bounce backs are sometimes from email accounts that I may have had incoming mail from in the past. This makes me believe my inbox has been compromised.
  • I have running on my computer and always have had the latest McAfee Security Centre software
  • I have run Malwarebytes to double check and all is clean at my end
  • I even had bounce backs when I went on holiday and had my computer switched off for two weeks so I can’t see how it can be coming from my PC
  • I can’t talk to anybody that can help – the 151 staff are sympathetic but never sort the root cause of this. They just reset my password and then 2 or 3 days later it gets locked again and I get a text

I don’t want to lose the email accounts I have but I have now opened a Gmail account as I can’t rely on VM and this is my last attempt to get something sorted before I start to migrate away.  I want this sorted and I don’t see why VM can’t stop locking my accounts even though I accept that bounce backs will still occur.


Can anyone help?

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Email accounts being repeatedly locked

Hello Dacton


I am sorry your accounts are getting locked, it must be quite frustrating. We do not lock accounts due to spoofed email by the way. We locked your accounts as our SMTP logs show authenticated access using your email address and password sending a quantity of spam, the last lock for one of the accounts was 2 days ago and we have sent you a letter for the secondary account beginning with J. We have know way of knowing how spammers are obtaining your password we only know it is happening. The security team advise to please follow all the advice in the letter.


Thank you 


Virgin Media Forum Team
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