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Dodgy email from VM!

Received an email today asking me to reactivate my account. I checked the sources so I know its not legit - but theres bound to be a few people who don't bother. 

How can a spam/phishing email supposedly from VM get through to people? I would have thought VM's own filters would catch this sort of stuff - it shouldn't even make it to our spam folders never mind the inbox 


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Re: Dodgy email from VM!

Hi jarramackem,

Apologies for the phishing email you received. We do take matters like this very seriously but it is not possible to totally prevent this kind of thing from happening. However we do advise of precautionary steps our customer's can take. Please take a look at the below link:

What is Phishing and how can I protect myself from it?

Our Internet Security team also post examples, on this Forum, of current phishing-type emails to alert our customers - Security Matters, Internet Security.

Hope this helps,


Forum Team

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