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DDOS attack

Hello. I've had a letter from Virgin Media stating that my Super hub 2ac is compromised and at risk of an attack. I have no idea about these things so I've duly gone to the website for help and have started following security instructions about 'Port Blocking'. I have become unstuck because to Port Block you need to select from a drop down list, but I don't know which option to select. I've phoned VM to have a very frustrating conversation with their tech support who couldn't help me but wanted to put me through to some department that CHARGES for their time. I refused because I'd phoned to find out how to follow their (incomplete) instructions following a letter from them. To which he replied that its not his job to help and I need to speak to my own I.T. guy (I don't have an IT guy). Can anyone help please? Thank you
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Re: DDOS attack

As a responsible ISP Virgin Media are acting on trusted third-party reports and utterly  failing to address the reported issue with their lack of support; cannot provide third-party log data that triggered notification letter, support staff ignorant of notification letters and thus unable to provide support, …

vjam25, the following post may not cover the exact reason for your notification letter but may be of help, mDNS and SSDP vulnerabilities a suggestion for devices in the DMZ. If further help is needed then post details of the vulnerability identified  in the letter.