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Chromium Malware

Some users may well have experienced a new piece of malware namely Chromium that emulates Google chrome, but generates a whole wealth of Pop-Ups and false Security Alerts resulting in a PC being drowned in unwanted web pages being displayed and audible warnings of a Security attack and a recommendation to phone a bogus support telephone number.

I met this problem last week on a customer's computer, and in order to get the malware removed effectively I used the following method that appears to have eradicated the affected computer:

1. Open Task Manager and look for the Chromium entry(s) and right-click on one entry to locate where it is installed.  Delete Chromium from its home location that should automatically displayed.

2. In the run command type REGEDIT in order to access the Windows Registry (Windows Database) and from the Edit Menu type Chromium in the Find box.

3. It may be necessary to run the Find command several times as Chromium appears in a number of different locations within the Registry, and until it is no longer detected by the find Command.

4. Finally, scan the computer with either Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software or Adwcleaner.

5. Hopefully this will remove all aspects of this very annoying piece of malware.

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Re: Chromium Malware

Chromium itself isn't malware. It's a valid browser as the open source basis of the Google Chrome browser.

However it is possible that Chromium itself could be installed alongside malware for various reasons e.g. to take over as the default browser and be pre-programmed with malicious websites.
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Re: Chromium Malware

Agree,  Chromium downloaded from a reputable site will cause NO problems and in itself is a good/fast/reliable browser ...

As BenMcR stated:  It's the website it came from that is at fault here!!!   ... ZVNK ...