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Changing passwords

I am currently unable to change my email passwords using Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome on my PC - via "Manage Accounts".  Nothing happens when I click on "change", neither can I add any account to Virgin Anywhere.  However I can do this on my iPad.    Two full virus checks and a malwarebyte check have been done and there is no indication that my PC is compromised in anyway. Much time spent with the Virgin team on the telephone trying to sort this out, but am informed that it is a fault with my PC.  I have tried temporarily disabling my virus checker but this has no effect.   Can anyone suggest anything else I can do or is it really a Virgin Media fault that they are not admitting?  there's nothing else wrong with my PC and I have no problems elsewhere! 

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Re: Changing passwords

Hello BlueMyrtle


Sorry you are having problems changing passwords, when you called in the agent noted that he tried it from here as well and it seemed to work. I have seen things like this before with security programs on the PC that integrate with browsers but am unable to say that is the cause for definite.

It is possible to start a browser in safe mode and perhaps that may ignore any security software plugins so may be worth a try Start Firefox in safe mode

It is also possible for diagnostic reasons to start the PC in safe mode with networking, this starts the PC with a minimal set of programs so you can see if one that starts normally is causing an issue How to start Windows in Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking


Please be brief if you do either of the above as you will have reduced security for the duration and it is something you do at your own risk.


Thank you


Virgin Media Forum Team
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