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Re: Can anything be done to stop these annoying "survey" interruptions

cybmole wrote:

here you go-  warning after warning after warning from multiple BIG names & in media - yet still fools + money = soon parted. So many people thinking greed is good.

 still , you can do your bit - stick a few on your home page, warn your fansSmiley Happy

PS A few posts back you got around to saying you fixed your pc in a few hours. IS that finally an admission that it was infected? Care to tell us all how, & with what, or does your public service crusade not stretch to that.


So in your world people with money are fools that deserve to be fleeced from some of it? Only rich people fall victim to such scams? Interesting philosophy you have.

Did I say I was not infected with this? I think I made that point pretty clear. lol

I ditched my current antivirus and anti malware software due to lack of confidence and also because both were soon up for renewal anyway. I installed and paid for IOBIT's Advanced System Care and Malware Fighter, so far this has cleared whatever was causing the fake survey. I also ran a free portable malware scan called eset online scanner which may or may not have also got rid of it.

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Re: Can anything be done to stop these annoying "survey" interruptions

the drivers are greed and stupidity

 hard to eradicate.

the equivalent scams run constantly in "reputable" print media - just pay postage & you can get this amazing free beauty cream.

 And by the way you just committed to re-ups at extortionate prices on a continuous authority to keep debiting your bank account or car, but hey, we know you won't read this as it is really really small faint print...

( with a distinct lack of DONT FALL FOR THE BEAUTY CREAM SCAM ON PAGE 13 warnings on the the newspaper/magazine front page

eg ( these refer to internet scams but trust me, that's not the only place they run ) 

 a thorough search would probably turn up both the sam scam ad , and the personal finance warning article, in the same publication!

  • RBS says it receives up to 400 complaints a day from duped customers 
  • Ended up with costly subscriptions after applying for a ‘free trial’
  • Most-complained about companies included Age Renew, Aloe Vera Cleanse, Aloe Vera 4 Diet and Healthy Ketone
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