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I have had a phone call from someone saying they are employed by you, wanting to check the broadband into the house, and asking me to perform various jobs on my laptop. Is this genuine please?

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Re: Broadband

Almost certainly not.

Call 150 from your landline, ask them to confirm the call.  Otherwise, hang up and do not give them access to your machine.

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Re: Broadband

if anyone out of the blue asks to perform jobs on your laptop, hang up immediately. even if they say they are virgin, microsoft, apple or one i saw the other day, ebay. it will be 100 per cent a scam.

now virgin way back did have access to my laptop to set up due to a wifi issue a few years ago but i called them direct without speaking to anyone first and was on the line throughout.
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Re: Broadband

NEVER let anyone ever have remote access to any of your machines. If they are legitimate they should be able to guide you through what actions are required to fix any problem, if not they are useless and you should request someone else up the support line. 

I usually string these type of callers along for a long time, telling them that I'm doing what they are requesting and giving them gibberish answers. At least this keeps them from phoning someone else and also runs up their phone bill.

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