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BT BB Scam Call


Want to share an experience this morning.

Received a call claiming to my ISP, but when I asked who they were, they said BT Internet Service. I questioned the person with heavy accent my provide is not them and he said BT provide the infrastructure and lines to me (which I know is not entirely true).

He said there is a fault with my wifi router and I asked him how would he know. He said he has received signal faults from my SSID!? I thought cant be.

He then asked me if I were in front of my computer..and I said yes connected via my work VPN. He then hung up promptly.

I reported this to Virgin Media technical support but would like to warn that do NOT give out any information or give them access to your computer. 

Just done a search on the internet it seems that there have been the similar sort of scams for several years, but thought no harm posting again to make people aware.


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Re: BT BB Scam Call

it is a scam. they don't want you at work they want you alone at home to connect to your pc remotely then either charge a fortune to 'put things right' and or to install malware on your pc. there are lots of good you tube videos on how these scammers operate with real life calls from people pretending to be taken in by it.
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Re: BT BB Scam Call

These calls are great, if you have any spare time. What I sometimes do is say I have done what they want me to do and reply back to them with what they are expecting, except of course I never give any real information. I once strung one of these up for about 45 minutes, which was great fun and stoped them bothering someone else. Can be great fun if you have the time!

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