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waited for 1 month for broadband cable installation!!!!!!!!!

I had virgin broadband in the past 2 years recommended by a friend, I had wonderful experience with the good speed, but recently since i moved house, the experience with Virgin for the broadband installation in my new flat is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!!!!!

First appointment for installation is on 8th Nov. which turned me down by a sms 1 day before the installation date.Then I received a letter stated the second installation appointment date would be on 24th Nov, between 1 pm-6pm, following with a confirmation sms. As requested, I stayed home the whole day and waited for their team to come to install it. Till 4 PM, no message, no phone calls, I called their customer service to ask when the team would be here, customer service told me this case was on hold, no body would come today, she talked with the installation team, they said they would contact me once they know when it can be installed. There was NO email, NO sms or a call,NO any notice in advance for the cancelation of the second appointment and any explanation.

Though the customer team tried to find out why, but I have to say their explanation were not satisfying, as no body could tell me what exact the problem was, why it took so long and when it can be solved. As I can see from my cellphone, there were several virgin users in this neighborhood, I do not understand why my broadband installation took so long, and the service is so bad and responsiveless .And the customer team could not offer any solution or other offers for getting a date to install it.


All in all, since I moved to the new flat, and gave virgin a call for noticing the change and new installation, it has been 1 MONTH.  But at this point, I am really questioning myself if I should stay with you.

I am asking for a clear explanation and installation date ASAP!!!!!!

We are sitting tight here in our house, WITHOUT INTERNET, but Virgin doesn’t bring us the things that are JUST AROUND THE CORNER….

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Re: waited for 1 month for broadband cable installation!!!!!!!!!

Hi there aliceq,


Thanks for posting and a warm welcome to the community.


Many apologies for the delay in the installation of the Virgin Media Services at your new property.


I would like to help as much as I can and check your account for more information in regards to this, however I was unable to locate your account. I've sent you a PM (purple envelope icon, right corner) requesting some details.


Hope to hear from you soon


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