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Why no one is answering the phone?

I had enough I wanted to get an internet with you but I am at the end of my patience. I cannot connect to your consultancy because no one is picking the phone. I understand 5 min wait even 10 min. But after 15 min I tottaly lost my nerve.

You just don't give a damn about your customers:

1. No potion to install the broadband (quick start) when I was ordering the broadband.

2. I talked to the chat representative and he told me I can cancell the engineer afterwards when I call you. I was supposed to call the department to veryfy if I am able to install my broadband myself.

3. No one picks up. The ones that pick up cannot help me and want me to wait for other department. Not to mention that calling you if expensive and I lost all my money on just listening to iritating music.

4. Give me any email contact because I cannot reach anyone!!!!!! (I don't want your E-mail service I already have an e-mail!!!!) or call me back!!!! DONT LET ME WAIT!!!

After all that I am ready to give you my question. I just rented a flat. I have TV and internet connections inside the flat. I saw that inside the electrical section of the building there is a MULTIBAND AMPLIFIER MBX5741LTEUK  DVB-T and few more devices for providing signal. The offer I chose was 100Mbit/s broadband. for 38/month. I just want to install it the internet and have the connection. So please call me or email me back.

My order nmber is : *********

My account number : ***********

and area fererence : 31




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Re: Why no one is answering the phone?

Hey there MatWit,


Thanks for posting and a big welcome to the community Smiley Happy


I'm really sorry to hear that you're struggling to get support at the moment, I really want to help.


I'll drop you a PM (purple envelope, top right) so we can keep in touch and ensure everything is sorted out.


Speak with you very soon,

Take care.


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