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When will Duffield Virgin Media go live

I've recently moved to the village of Duffield, just north of Derby. My contract with Sky runs out mid September and I'm very keen to move over to Virgin Media and take advantage of fibre optic broadband.

Over the past couple of months, a team has been laying cables throughout the village. Only last week, they finished going along my street. They appear to be making swift progress, and as fair as I can tell are all but finished.

I called Virgin Media and was informed by a particularly rude employee that there was no way of knowing and it is just a case of 'as and when'. But surely it's just a case of asking the installation team when they expect to finish?

I'd be very grateful for any assistance you could provide so I can know what to do with my current contract.

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Re: When will Duffield Virgin Media go live

Laying of ducting is just the first stage of the build. New sections of network do not go live at the point the digging stops. Equipment has to be put in at the regional headend, which may be miles away. Then equipment is put in at local level & the whole lot soak tested before customers can be connected. You are likely part of a major build programme with several other areas being expanded at the same time. When all these areas are completed they then go live at the same time. You are probably talking months rather than weeks.


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