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WHy is my VM router RST-ing port forwarded access to my IoT device?

I have several devices connected to my local WiFi network.

Some, like my IP CAM, are accessible form outside. I port forwarded to the device IP. No problem.

However, now I want to connect from outside, to a new device on my local network via a web browser, using a web interface which it serves. Locally, all works fine, but when trying to access it from outside, the browser reports ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED.

I've connected to other IoT devices via web browsers before without problems.

If I attempt this access from my laptop on the internal network, using my external IP, I can use Wireshark to see what's happening. My latop's browser sends the expects SYN TCP packet, but my VM router responds with a RST, ACK TCP packet. In other words, it shuts down the connection, and it'll do that until the cows come home.

The router's network and firewall logs show no relevant entries.

Disabling the router's firewall does not change anything.

Can anyone hellp?




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Re: WHy is my VM router RST-ing port forwarded access to my IoT device?

Just from a deployment stance, i'd suggest you modify your setup. So many IoT devices have lax or none existent security and so many vulnerabilities that it just isn't worth exposing it to the internet. 

Instead what most people are doing (myself included) is using something you know has good security (like setting up an OpenVPN server at home) and then using the VPN to connect through to your local network.

This would then allow you to browse everything like you would locally, and you don't have to mess about with each individual devices setup and worry about the security of each one. Food for thought. 


In relation to your problem though, if you aren't getting logs anywhere in the router - its probably the web server, that said though - i'd need more information to make a real diagnosis. 

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