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Virgin in my area


I am currently a Virgin customer in Stevenage and will shortly be moving to a new development in Hertford. I checked my new post code on Virgin's checker and nothing comes up as the address does appear to exist in Virgin's database, however when viewing my new apartment on the wall in the living room is a socket which clearly says Virgin on it.

I checked with my landlord and they informed me that they have other flats in the block adjacent to mine which is all part of the same complex has Virgin, upon checking their post code it has Virgin services.

So the question is how to I get a definitive answer from Virgin media on whats available, I tried on the phone and just got the call centre who just looked at the same tool I used to check.

I know it's definitely got Virgin as I can see the cabinet on the street and the fact the block next to mine have it.

Obviously if I cancel my current service I am going to get clobbered with 7 months of charges which I would rather avoid.

Any help would be gratefully received.

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Virgin in my area

Hi manx197

Thanks for dropping by to check if we can support you with services at the new home Smiley Happy

I can see that you have already tried the Cable My Street link which is great and you've also contacted the teams.

For us to support you further can you please pop back to me on the pm I'm sending to you that you can find in the purple envelope next to your forum name.

I'll take the address details from you there and I'll check in with our Project Lightning and New Build teams to see what we can do to help out Smiley Very Happy

Speak soon.

Forum Team

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