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Virgin failed installation, want to make sure I don't get screwed

So I've used sky broadband for a long time but was dissatisfied with the cost and speed so decided to switch once a letter came through the post notifying me fibre optic was now available in my area. I placed my order with virgin and set my sky to cancel on wednesday the day after my virgin media installation (Tues 31st Jan). However a few days ago I recieved this email:

"Account number: XXXXXXXXX
Area reference: XXX

Some important news about your installation


We were looking forward to bringing you our range of superfast fibre optic services. But sadly, when our engineers looked closely at the network near your home, we realized that it may not be possible to do the installation.

We're really sorry about that, please allow us to explain.

While our engineers were preparing to install your services, they identified an issue with the cable that leads from our cabinet to your home. To continue with this work, we're in the process of having this inspected to receive confirmation that we can provide services.  We request you to give us some time to revert with an update in regards to this; one of our representatives will be in touch to discuss this once we have ascertained the availability of our services in your property.


The Virgin Media Team"

I called virgin up and they basically said the same thing in the email. I asked what my options are as I'd already cancelled my broadband and they said that it should take around 2 months to set up my fibre optic and they'd contact me then. But they also said it could even take up to 6. Obviously this was a huge inconvenience having already put in my sky cancellation. Virgin said I was free to take up another broadband contract and they would pay for the termination fee when they are ready to install. I asked them if there was any max limit as I would potentially be having to get an 12 or 18 month contract which I would only use for as short as 2 months and they said no. 

After calling sky luckily they said they were able to reverse the cancellation which they are in the process of now. They also gave the usual spiel and offered me a new discounted package with fibre optic. The package is a 12 month contract with much faster speeds and around the same price with 20 pounds installation so it makes sense to switch to that for the time being. My current plan is just to take that on for however long virgin needs to setup the installation, let virgin pay for the termination fee then switch to virgin permanently. 

Sorry for the longwinded story I mainly would like to ask if anyone else has done something similar and if people can confirm that everything I said is true. I really don't want to get screwed with any false promises such as them not paying the termination fee if it ends up too high. I don't have any set numbers but I can imagine cancelling a 12 month contract after only 2 months (assuming virgin can fix the line that fast) of using it would be in the hundreds of pounds. If Virgin were unable to pay the termination fee I would be forced to stick with sky which I would be unhappy with. Everything I've been told indicates they would and this should all go smoothly however I've been told a bunch of contradictory stuff on the phone before from different departments so would like to ask people here. 

Many thanks. 


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Re: Virgin failed installation, want to make sure I don't get screwed

Make sure you get it in writing that they're going to pay your early termination fee with Sky, as this isn't anything I've ever seen, or imagine VM would ever do.

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