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Virgin Business Installation woes

Hi Folks,

Just a minor rant about the woes of trying to get 100MB business broadband installed at two separate business units oin the same business estate in Camberley, Surrey.

Had to go with Virgin as Openreach will not upgrade their boxes at the estate entrance to run anything faster than ADSL and even then we only get 4Mb mat best and some businesses on the estate only 1Mb! Of course if you are a household your Camberley BT boxes have all been done!

Anyway I book the first one in after Virgin have sent me a map showing all their connections on this estate. They come out do a survey, say no issues then 24hrs later cancel saying cannot be done. No explanation, nothing. Go around in circles for two months as both myself and the business owners in Belgium tried and failed to get an answer out of Virgin. Finally I got a response that they didn't know why it could't be done and would arrange another site survey.

Whilst awaiting that, I go for the same option on my other building 300yds away from the first, knowing that the business upstairs has a Virgin fibre leased line. No problem say Virgin and booked it in for two weeks ago. 

So two installers came to do it and the whole story then comes out. They cannot give me 100Mb broadband because it runs on coax not fibre. Despite all the Virgin boxes on the estate, Virgin have never run the 200m length of coax from their box  at the estate entrance to their main box in the estate. Fibre is there but that is no good. It then turns out that a business case can be made with just two installations and I am the fourth they have been to on this estate recently to do a install but land up saying sorry cannot do. They went away to put a report in to advise the Virgin hierarchy that there was a case for it on this estate. In turn I attempted and failed to get a response from Virgin as to what I need to do to make a case. Having knocked on a few doors of the small businesses here with no need for leased lines, we all have the same problem and would jump at a chance to go with Virgin.

However Virgin are a PITA to deal with. No-one seems to have a clue. Sending out installers to four separate installs and having to say no each time seems an awful waste of Virgin money.  Is nothing joined up within Virgin Business?

Suffice to say they would make easy money if only someone would authorise that 200m cable. As the Belgian owners have said to me. "UK open for business after Brexit?" Apparently not :-(



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Re: Virgin Business Installation woes

Hi, the staff here won't be able to comment or assist with VM business matters as this community is for residential support only. VM business info can be found here to get info etc:

But that aside, installation issues or just waiting to be fully connected are often the two main gripes people have. Once services are installed, it is usually smooth sailing.

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Any opinions expressed by myself are entirely my own and do not represent Virgin Media in any way.
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