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Very annoyed, with no notice, engineer appointment apparently is cancelled, I have no broadband yet again

OK, am pretty effed off, I've had no sleep, so that I can ensure I can let the Virgin engineer in between 8am and 1pm today, which was arranged before Xmas on the phone. I don't have a VM box in my flat, just by the main door, so can't connect it myself.


It got to 11.30am I thought for some reason he wasn't coming so called Virgin customer line and was told its very busy in London and that's why the engineer can't come today, he can't come till the 10th Jan, again only between 8am to 1pm.


No notification he wasn't coming, and its terrible that I have no broadband, and have to keep tethering my 3g which is costing me on EE about £15 a week for mobile internet, and I have a quick start kit from Virgin and can't use it.


Its a disgrace you treat customers like this, especially new ones, hardly going to keep customers, I'm thinking of cancelling and getting a more reliable mobile mifi device and package from EE, who have always been brilliant with customer service in my experience.


Someone from your team should sort this out, I should not have to be another week without broadband, and stay awake another night, I have medical sleep problems and struggle to get to sleep if I have to be up early.


Of course you could get an engineer out quicker than the 10th, no matter how busy it is in London. That seems like an excuse, and not letting me know its been cancelled? 


Really bad and sloppy.

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