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VM incompetence

So I had all my services disconnected when a virgin engineer was installing my downstairs neighbour. Nothing now working...telephone, tv or broadband.

They sent an engineer, whilst telling me I didn't need to be at home (as surely it is a question of reconnecting wires). He failed to do reconnect me.

Now trying to get a new engineer...Problem is that I am not willing to take time off work for some mistake that they have unless they can get an engineer to me today, I would likely be without services for a month as am not in all the time in upcoming weekends. Waiting for a call back to see if they can sort something out (which is overdue by thirty minutes) but not holding my breath.

Looking like I'll have to cancel all my services instead... Ironic when I bet the overtime it might cost an engineer to reconnect the correct wires is probably less than what I pay a month (over £100!!)

Anyone else want to share stories of pure virgin media incompetence?

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: VM incompetence

The problem you have is even if you switch providers you may have to be at home also.  Virgin offer 4 hour timeslots which is the best service you can expect in the UK, perhaps a friend can help you out

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