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Unacceptable installation / issues

I'll start at the beginning

Last month I moved home and had the QuickStart kit delivered the day after which was great. I set it up but had no signal so I phone 3 times to be told all was fine and to be patient finally I lost patience and asked for an engineer

He arrived a week later to tell me there was an issue with my cable he would call it in and someone would be in touch.

Nobody called but my wife returned home to find a guy in the front garden saying he was from virgin and was doing some cabling work !! Despite no call to me arranging this !

Then a week later a guy knocked on the door to say he was here to install my internet !! No communication again.

I've just been outside and the box attached to my house has no cover and wires hanging out

Generally a shambles in my eyes has anyone had an experience like this ?

Oh and my first bill is £93 even though I'm on a £33 tariff !! Can't get through tonight so I've come here for support
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Re: Unacceptable installation / issues

its sunday so no VM people here - even if there were it would take them a week or so to get to your post 

no communication - thats about right or can be - cover missing - should not be - will not be a problem in the short term but needs sorting

the bill - who knows - first bill seems to be a mystery - maybe theres a charge for the tech as you booked a self install - should not be but it might be that

leave it until tomorrow and ring retentions - the will go through your bill and should book a tech to sort the box cover out

dial 150 or 0345 454 1111 and follow the prompts to - you are thinking of leaving us - dont worry about that they do much more - open 'till 8pm - 6pm on saturdays - closed sunday and the plus is its a UK call centre


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