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Superhub2ac Needs A Pinhole Reset Every Week

Ok so I brought a new ASUS RT-AC88U router a while back, and every week almost to the hour I have to do a master reset of the superhub 2 AC router and set it back into modem mode again for the RT-AC88U to work. Doing this means i lose my external IP so other devices have to be reconfigured. A reboot of RT-AC88U and/or Superhub 2 AC does not fix the issue for very long as within an hour the internet stops again.

Does anyone know what this could be at all? I have set the DHCP query frequency in Rt-AC88U to be normal mode rather than agressive

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Re: Superhub2ac Needs A Pinhole Reset Every Week

Hi Schamie, 


Thank you for getting in touch, I am sorry to see that you have been having trouble with your connection. 


How is the wired connection do you lose this also? Things look ok from this side.  


Pop the hub into modem only mode with the computer in safe mode with networking and let us know if the connection still drops. 


It may also help to see a BQM so we get a better idea of how things look from your side. (Please be aware that this is external website and we're not responsible for its contents). 


Speak to you soon. 



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