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Quick Start? Quick end...

Super excited to get fibre broadband and T.V from Virgin, I signed up and received my Quick Start package. Before installation I rang Virgin as instructed to activate the package. I was told after a little initial hesitation that my line was activated. Having just installed my TiVo and Hub3 I found that it did not work.

As soon as I rang and before I had even told them of any issues they told me an engineer was to be sent out (which was a bit weird). If I had known this I would not have even bothered to install my kit. Anyway very frustrated and ready to cancel I rang back to ask them to try once more with the line. Still no fix.... great... they offered to send out an engineer on the 14th, I wasn't happy with this... nearly a week later... no thanks!

Eventually I settled with an earlier date (13th) and my connection fee was wiped plus £3.00 per month of my package as a good will gesture. I hate having to wait when initial line tests said there was no problem, but to be fair as long as it is fixed before my 14 day cancellation period expires then I will be happy to continue.

Moral of the story: If this happens to you (and from reading plenty of accounts of it happening to many Virgin customers) ensure that your engineer is booked to come out and fix it BEFORE your 14 day cancellation period and don't be afraid to ask for a discount for the inconvenience caused by this hassle!

I will keep you posted on the 13th of March to let you know if it has all been sorted.
All the best, MrCessna
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