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Query re new installation details

I’d like to know some details of how the engineers will install my new installation – can you help please? Basically the question is will they fit in with what I need? E.g.:

  1. For my PC which is upstairs I need a separate cable which would have to be run around the outside of the house. From this router I would feed a laptop and wifi elsewhere in the house via powerline communications (Homeplug). Would they do this?
  2. I need a separate feed to the downstairs TV which is on an internal wall. Could they use an existing Skye cable to go from the outside under the floor to the TV as I don’t want to have to take the new carpet and the floor up? If not how would they get the cable to the TV?
  3. Can the wifi in the Virgin router be switched off as I only want wifi on for brief periods?
  4. Can I use powerline from the Tivo box to another TV elsewhere in the house? If not is there another option to get TV in another room, perhaps a third cable to the second TV?

Thanks very much


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Re: Query re new installation details

Hi JB, 


Thanks for your post and welcome to the Community. It's great having you on board with us and even better that you are wanting Virgin Media installed Smiley Happy


The engineer will be able to install your equipment wherever they want however they won't touch any 3rd party equipment so your Powerline adaptors would need to be set up by yourself. 


Virgin works off a totally different system to Sky so unfortunately we'll need to install our own fibre cable in order for your services to work. They'll install one cable and then use a splitter. The TV Service will be connected to one and then the hub connected to another. 


The engineer will work with you to put the hub and the TV box where you want it however if it's not possible they'll talk you through an alternative plan Smiley Happy


When is your installation? 


Let us know if you have any further questions. 



Forum Team

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