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Problem in PO6, but can't log fault - not happy.

Ok. Not happy with the ability to log faults.

So the broadband connection went down this evening at around 9pm (in the middle of an online class).

Ok, these things happen.

Ran tests, Hub 3 can't find a connection, green flashing light.

 check area status via virgin media website, apart from a mention of issues with an android app no broadband issues reported. Doing all this on my 3g phone.

Leave it an hour to see if fault clears.

Powercycle hub3, still green flashing light. Use online tool again to test broadband from virgin media ends, result says my equipment may be turned off (it isn't).

No way to log fault online (really?), ok do what the webpage says and phone 150.

Apparently there is a fault with the telephone line (that I am calling on), an engineer is on site and it will be fixed by 4pm (hmmm. It's 11pm).

After various menus I'm in the queue, told that there is a wait but my call will be answered in 30 seconds (it isn't - grrr).

Then after around 35mins my call is cut off (grrr not happy I just want to log the fault and go to bed).

2nd call, again told will be answered after 30 seconds, it's not and am disconnected after 20mins.

Tether my tablet and sign up for this forum, and write this message - I hope that someone can look at this issue now, however I guess this forum account isn't linked to my main virgin media account and I am unsure about posting my virgin account number on a public forum.

Fault details area 20 (po6).

Just verified with a neighbour that their internet is down as well.

To recap, faults happen, that is life. But why is it so hard to log those faults, and I especially do not appreciate the false information on telephone queue wait times and to be cut off twice before I can log the fault.

I do hope this post is coherent and doesn't come across as rude, however it is late and I wanted to be in bed an hour ago.   We've just got my son home from hospital after a weeks stay and so we are all tired.

All I wanted to do was log the fault this evening and go to bed.  Why is this so difficult?




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Re: Problem in PO6, but can't log fault - not happy.

Hello Dave,

Thanks for joining the community Smiley Very Happy

Sorry to hear about your recent connection troubles. I appreciate you've taken the time to offer feedback on the fault process. I've checked your connection and I can see that you're currently up and running, which is great.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this, please let us know if we can help with anything else.

Take care.


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