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Re: Power Levels Creeping Up

No probs Smiley Happy

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Re: Power Levels Creeping Up

Found this old post on Cable Forum.

im a principal service engineer for ntl/telewest on Teesside.A forward path attenuator ( purple )reduces the signal strength on the forward path to your digi box or modem by whatever the value states on the attenuator.A forward path equaliser ( orange) reduces the lower analogue level accross the 3 measurements that we read ( low/med/hi ),and a cable simulator ( green ) reduces the hi digital signal level without touching the low analogue level.The cable simulator is only used where the drop cable length is very short and the hi digi signal is too strong.Both modems and digi boxes work within fine tolerences so its vital that levels are correct
Cheers and hope this helps without getting too indepth."

I know you need a forward path attenuator, but thought the general information might help some identify what they have in their installation.
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Re: Power Levels Creeping Up

pyrotenax wrote:

Dave_cq wrote:

I would be grateful if a member of the Forum Team could arrange to send me a 6db forward path attenuator please ... pretty please.




I have a varied selection ..... send me your details and I will pop in post


I just wanted to say a huge public thank you to pyrotenax for sending me the 6db attenuator which arrived in this afternoon's post. 

I fitted it immediately and as you can see from the revised Downstream data I am now getting more sensible levels in the 3db range.  Nothing else has been compromised ... Upstream levels are unaltered and still perfect as are the SNR, BQM and Speedtest.

One very happy chappy here.

Downstream 200317.jpg


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