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Poor Service

Fed up getting poor service from Virgin. Got cut off after 15 minutes waiting with music and when I did get through to a virgin person, the customer service I got was terrible. Very poor English, poor line, not helpful, did not communicate during the call and long (2 minutes pauses) then he just put we on hold and then my call was picked up by another representative. He was helpful, if only to tell me my broadband wouldn't be fixed until 11.30 last night. I asked to be put through to a complaints department, which virgin seemingly don't have?? and that my compliant would be logged/// -whatever that means.

I've now checked my broadband this morning and nothing, its still not working. I'm now having to working remotely and the current update says it wont be fixed until 4pm today.

Poor service for £76 a month. In fact, although the speed is good, this service is the worst I have ever experienced by any broadband supplier...ever.

Justifying good broadband speeds with poor service is just not good enough.

End of rant..

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Re: Poor Service

I have also just received very poor service.

There does appear to be no way to make a complaint and then to talk to someone about resolving it. It is one of the most frustrating customer service teams to deal with.