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Omnibox replace by steel cabinet outside

Hi Folks, 
I'm hoping to take the plunge and get VM broadband.
I'm wondering if the connection that my house came with is going to cause problems with getting a connection, or if it might cause problems down the line if there is a connection problem.

The brown Omni box is no longer on the wall, I found it broken in the hedge undergrowth.
The brown shotgun telephone and Coax cable has been routed into the house from  the ground through a metal conduit  and into an outdoor electrical enclosure fixed on the wall in the same location that the Omni box used to be.

In the enclosure the coax cable is joined with F connectors and goes through the wall (conduit again) into the house and then through the isolator in the indoors wall faceplate.
The telephone cable also takes the same path and is connected to an adjacent telephone faceplate.

Is this type of cable route going to give me problems with Virgin regarding maintenance or installation?

I'd prefer to take the quick DIY install option if at all possible as I don't have any time over the next few weeks to wait in for engineers visit to refit the omni box.

The whole set up a the moment looks very neat and robust( no strimmers are going to damage the outdoor cable!) and I think the previous occupiers did a good job!

It also looks easy to rethread a new cable if this was ever required in future, as everything is in conduit. 

I don't think it would be easy to remount a new omni box as the wall has been taken up by the steel enclosure and the cable will not reach around it. Even if Virgin engineers pulled a longer cable to the house, there isn't another good spot on the wall to mount a new omni box because there are radiators and electrical sockets on the inside wall. 

So, what do you think, should I opt for the quick DIY install?
Or if there are reliability problems are Virgin just going to refuse to investigate at the connection until they mount a new omni box?
I suppose if the quick DIY install isn't an option then it is a deal breaker, as I don't have any spare days off to wait for an installation engineer.

Any feedback on if the presence of an omni box is a requirement gratefully received. My house can't be the only house where the box has been replaced for something more robust or better looking?

Other information;
I just want broadband, not phone or TV.
The electrical enclosure also houses an outdoor waterproof electrical socket on a fused spur(maybe for the hedge trimmers) but this is routed through the wall in a separate conduit about 25 cms away from the cable one.
The conduit through the wall that carries the coax also has signal cables for the alarm and CCTV systems, maybe for a disconnected driveway monitor, as there is no power in these cables I'm sure it will not cause a problem for the coax cable.

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Omnibox replace by steel cabinet outside

Hey WonkyDonkey Smiley Happy

Thanks for taking the time to get in touch with us about the potential for you to be connected with us and a warm welcome to the community Smiley Happy

For me to look into this a little further for you I'm going to send a pm to you that you can find in the purple envelope up next to your forum name.

Given what you have said if the system is showing a pre cabled property it may be worth our Sales team arranging a pre call or site survey to see if there are any concerns and that can be arranged with them via 0800 183 1234 but in the meantime i can run the address checks for you.

Hope to catch you soon Smiley Happy

Take care.

Forum Team

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