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Oh What a surprise, install team messed up yet again!

2nd failed install, again down to lack of communication from your idiotic install/construction team.

Pre- install visit & assesment of property at the beginning of January.
Request for new cable pull booked in.

1st install failed here:

Booked in again by the install engineer, turned up again today & surprise surprise no sign of the construction team to pull the cable.

The installer assured me that the construction team were on their way & said he would wait outside my property until they arrived.
Said he had spoken to the manager of the construction crew & they were definitely on their way to my property to pull the cable.

Even came inside & planned out where everything was going "while we waited"

Returned to his van for a sandwich & a drink & asked if I was at home all day.
Again confirmed that we should all sit tight & that I would be up & running within a few hours.

I go back I side to wait & after about 10 mins the van drives off.
I phone up to enquire what was going on & am told I have been rescheduled for 14th Feb.

To be honest I don't believe it will actually go ahead then.
It's obvious that the construction/installation department is run by complete and utter **bleep**wits.

I made it clear from my initial call at the beginning of January that there was no cabling outside & was booked in for construction crew to pull a new cable up to the property.

On the 1st install only 1 person was sent & no work had been done outside.

Same story again today, cable not pulled to the property.

After numerous phone calls I have now been told that they did intend to do the work today but the cable they brought wasn't long enough. That is a complete load of bull.

I have never known such a bunch of incompetent liars. The whole installation process is a complete shambles & Virgin should be ashamed of themselves.

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