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No internet t3 time out and dhcp failed

After a quick start with the superhub3, the green arrows keep flashing, and there is no connection to the internet. I've called VM150 and keep getting sent through many call centers. They just read the prompt , our engineers are trying to "fix" it. But the area is not reporting any problems and this has only happened after I've set up the hub.

I'm getting errors of a constant "requesting cm ip address", and in the network log: "DHCP failed, discover sent, no offer received" with an error code of 68000100 as well as an error of "No ranging response received, T3 timeout" with an error code of 82000200.

My downstream tab shows me a channel of 1, frequency of 234750000, power of 1.7 dBmV, SNR of 37.6, 256 qam and a channel id of 9.

My upstream tab shows me an id of 64, frequency of 25800000, in ATDMA mode, with 64 qam and 39.8dBmV. bandwidth is 6400000 with a symbol rate of 5120.

I also cannot access the "check router status" page.

Any help would be appreciated.
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