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No broadband for 2.5 weeks and counting...

Mine is a long story of frustration with Virginmedia but summarised below.

1. Arranged a house move that took 10 working days to happen.
2. Now in the new house:
Day1: Two engineers turned up, one to cable the service to the property and the other to set up internal cabling to the modem. The internal job required clipping cables to floor boards etc but the entire job was done badly. To the key point, the engineer left without confirming if the service is restored promising the modem requires updating and then i will be able to access the internet.
I spent over one hour and thirty minutes calling centers for help but only to be told to repeat a play script! Finally managed to get an engineer booked to come to the property.
Day 2- No internet and waiting for an engineer to visit.
Day 3- Managed to get an engineer due to other people cancelling their appointment...but not after I'd called to chase I ask for an earlier appointment.
Engineer turned up. He blamed the contractor (hired by virginmedia) for the poor job, took some photos and reported the complaint. He was empathetic.
Hub 3 was installed and it took all day to wait for activation. I'd thought the trouble is going to end soon but it seem has just started.
After waiting for over 2-3 hours, a ticket was raised to IT. I called IT to chase and was told resolution could take between 5-7 days. I was livid at this point.
The last engineer was kind to keep in touch and did his best to escalate the issue but confirmed no firm guarantee of whether the issue will or can be resolved and when. So i have to wait until monday to learn of my fate.
Day internet
Day 5- Monday....will update on further development

In the meantime, will appreciate thoughts on how this issue can be resolved.

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