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No Broadband since 8th Dec 2016 due to Virgin's fault(drop cables not connected)

Hi There

Technician turned up on my installation date(8th Dec 2016) but couldn't do anything as drop cables were not connected to exchange by another team. He sent a text to his field manager explaining the issue and told me this should be fixed in 24-48 hrs.

I haven't got any follow up call or apology from anyone so I called customer care next day only to be told that they can't do anything but choose next available date for installation(24th Dec) as what they do for new orders.I was aghast that VM doesn't prioritize my case especially as it was their mistake in the first place.

I already terminated my previous provider assuming VM would do a great job(I regret it now, I should have checked the forums, there is bad press on VM everywhere). 

I made numerous calls to customer care, sent a text to field service manager(got it from the technician who visited me), sent tweets and even sent a complaint letter to VM by post. But none of this could help me. I am still without internet at this very important time of the year. How am I gonna buy presents to my child and other family members? VM cares least about all this.

There isn't anything as customer service at VM, SHAME!!!

Can someone help? is there any other way to escalate my issue and get it addressed? After reading all the forums, now I started wondering whether my next installation will happen as promised or not.

Thanks in advance for any help.





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