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No Broadband service in London E11 3(**) area...


On Friday 28th October, there was a fault in the above area, possibly affecting more than just the Postcodes I have shown. We lost Broadband access from approx. late morning, until the fault was cleared at approx. 14:00, according to the VM Status page.

I still have no Broadband access, despite several power-downs and all the usual checks of connections etc. My equipment is a Hub 2. The 'Ready' light is not stable.

I reported the fault on Friday afternoon and was told that there were so many faults called in, that there was no appointment available until Friday 4th November AM. I've made an appointment for that date, but please can I ask if anyone else from the above area had service outage on Friday 28th October and if so, do they now have access.

If a VM Tech happens to read this, please can my connection be tested properly (I don't believe it was properly tested when I 'phoned in the fault). I find it very odd that an area-wide outage has caused an individual fault on my Hub. There are still small faults showing on the Status page for my area, are they connected in any way? Finally, any chance of an earlier appointment? Financially crediting me is OK, but it's access I want believe it or not. The money is secondary. Thanks in advance.





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Re: No Broadband service in London E11 3(**) area...

Hi ianah_1961, 


Thanks for posting to let us know that you've got no internet, I apologise for any troubles incurred.


I have tested your connection from here and I can't see anything out of the ordinary, no errors or time outs inside the Hubs logs and all of the power levels are where they should be.


Are you still having these issues? If so, what light sequence do you have on the Hub?


Also, could you please respond here with a recent copy of your Hubs logs for me to compare with the data we have here. You can find these by opening your internet browser and typing into the address bar, before logging in it will say 'Router Status' in the top right hand corner, click there and all the information needed is inside.


Take care, 



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