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New customer experience

Hi everyone, 

I'm a new customer to Virgin after having been with Sky for over 2 decades. I've just moved into a new house and thought I'd sign up with Virgin due to their advertised network speeds. I figured I'd sign up for Telephone and Broadband and if I was happy with the service I'd add TV later. 

Engineer came to do the installation on the 24/12/2016, he was polite, wore shoe covers inside etc and seemed to know his stuff.

However I was really disappointed in the finished cabling, as it looks very amateur-ish and there is no trunking, no plastic caps on the holes to hold the cables in place and keep drafts etc out. All of which I've had before with Sky.  The engineer had no screws to fix the telephone socket to the wall so now its hanging off. To top it all off the Router when connected was stuck in an "activating status" (one flashing green light and one solid green light).  the engineer said it was a problem with the box at the roadside and he would come back the next morning to fix it and he had to go as he was late for two other jobs. He also said I wouldn't need to be home for it to be fixed. 

The next day came and in the afternoon there was still there was no internet, so I called customer services in the afternoon, I was taken through the usual router reboot routine, which didn't work even though I told them the same thing the engineer told me. I was then directed to another team called "QuickStart" who again took me through a router reboot! They then told me that I had booked an engineer to come out on the 14th January to fix the issue. After arguing with them for 15 minutes trying to explain that it was obviously not me who had booked a second appointment, I asked to be transferred to the complaints team. 

The complaints team was better in that they understood that I would know if I'd re-booked an appointment or not and they apologised for their previous colleagues behaviour. However they did say that the engineer had made this booking. So here's the annoying thing firstly no one informed me that a second appointment had been booked, so I wasted a good 45 minutes on the phone and secondly I'll be without service for weeks! 

I work from home frequently hence I needed the speeds, so I'm going to have to make alternative plans.

Excuse the length of my first post but now to my questions: 

1. Is this the typical experience for a new Virgin customer? 
2. Will I still be charged for non-service?
3. Is there a tidy up team for cabling etc, or are customers expected to do this themselves?

I'm very reasonable and understand that things aren't always perfect to start with. I'd like to give Virgin a chance, but I'm starting to regret moving away from Sky who I have never had an issue with. 


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