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New build connection - Bellway


I'm no usually one for complaining about service but Virgin from the off have been appalling!!!!

Moving into a new build house in Tyne & Wear, I was to receive 3 month free broadband and the big kahuna package as 'Bellway' had pre wired all the cabling to the property.... Thinking great.....but what a let down.

I initially rang the number provided and I was informed that the 'network team' hadn't completed the connections to the patch panel outside. After a week I phoned again booked the appointment for installation which was a Saturday AM appointment. The installation engineer arrived at 2.30pm and after an hour he told me that the network team weren't complete therefore the installation couldn't be done.

I was then contacted by the installation supervisor on the Monday explaining that the 'network team' will be complete by close of play that Thursday and the installation was booked in on Saturday (a week later).

I then had to cancel doing over time to have Virgin installed.

The operative turned up at 3pm on Saturday and sure enough the 'network team' hadn't completed there bit. IS THIS NOT THE SAME COMPANY!!!!

I rang the supervisor 'Davids' mobile number left 3 voice mails to no prevail. No answer no reply no apology..the list goes on!!!

Then I contacted the call centre to find out what was going on in which I had kept my cool (just). I then proceeded to be patronised by the call centre personnel and somehow the blame seemed to be nobody's fault but mine...Absolutely shocking service

This still hasn't been resolved and further more I haven't been contacted...

Just to top it off as a warning to all new build connections they ask for your bank details as to sign up to the services as you could stay with them after 3 month or order pay per view. I then had £50 taken from my account by Virgin, unsure why and haven't got down the bottom of it. I was assured that no money will be taken as this is a FREE SERVICE as a deal with the builder.

Taking to my new neighbours and looking around the estate nearly everyone has opted for SKY as the level of new customer services is far better.

I contacted sky and within 4 days I was setup... easy as that.

The new build connecting service was a complete let down 'Billy' the customer contact who coordinates the work was terrible as this would be resolved if not.


Virgin Media have been a disgrace from the off!!

How this multi million pound organisation is ran by numpty's and still making a profit is beyond belief..

I lost overtime/money and my cool over incompetence throughout a huge well respected organisation.  

Feel free to contact me and looking into this case.







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