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New Install promised promised but never happened

My son in law contacted Virgin media and arranged for a new broadband install and was given yesterday 09/03/17 as the install date.

He did mention to customer services when booking that they had no cable from the street to the home. That's not a problem the advisor informed him. So he cancelled his sky contract including the broadband to finish today 10/03/17

The engineer turned up to find that they had no cable connected to the house, what a surprise? He then informed my daughter that he would have to contact another engineer as he didn't how the cable or tools, so off he went saying he would contact my daughter later on her mobile. Hours went by and guess what? You got it, she had to phone him up. Once contacted he said, he didn't have another install date. Some hours later my daughter was texted another install date that would now be the 23/03/17. This is absolutely disgusting service. Phoned customer services and they said they had a later date down on the system than that date stated? Now they are stuck without any broadband wifi of any kind and will be for at least another two weeks.

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