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NEW Installation / Connection MESS UP

After Using your Virgin Media services for more than a year, i had shifted to new house new place, Where sadly there was no VM connection, so i went in early Oct 2016 and got myself booked in got a date late 20th OCT 2016, when the day came they sent a engineer only to let me know that they need to pull up the cable from the road from the other closest ( 2 building away) VM post. and it shall takes up to 6 to 8 weeks.

Mid Nov some people came to pull the cable we just guided them to get the cable pulled from the closest side to avoid big Dig up, which after a little hesitation they did pull up the cable up the road, but NOT TO MY BUILDING

After another 2 more Failed Appointments, where the engineer just comes and goes saying the installation team should pull the cable to your building, and they shall pass by. 

Every time the appointment being given i had to Keep my wife taking a day off from her work, so as to guide the install. since booking in Oct 2016 till today 04 JAN 2017 after having 5 appointments rescheduled still the issue is not being solved, even today the Engineer came checked said , '' Oh still they have not pulled the cable'' - then tried to call his Manager, but no luck.

Since then i have complaint to Customer service, and ever time empty promises have been made.Latest the install engineer Mr. Andy called in i filled in the details to him, he is suppose to call me back.

Why is such a thing happening to me from a award winning VIRGIN MEDIA??

what kind of customer service are you'll giving? where in a customer have to wait for more than 3 months? wasting our precious time.

when shall my issue be resolved?, really fed up of so much waiting and postponing just to get Broadband set up. ( i cancelled all other competition when they had good offers just to be with VM)

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