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Moving my services to another room


I'm about to embark on an extension on my flat, which will mean that our living room will be moving from the front of our ground floor flat, to the rear. This means that the boxes connecting our services will need to move. 

Is it possible for your engineers to also remove the older boxes. We have them in our second bedroom too from a previous owner and we don't use them. It'd be great for them to be disconnected and tidied up.

Who should i get in touch with to do this and how much will it cost? 


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Re: Moving my services to another room

Hi ianogden,

I recently re-furbished my home and ran RG6 shielded cable to where i was relocating the virgin media tv6 box and also the broadband router, provided the cable run isn't a serious length 25m + then you should be able to do this yourself or get someone competent to do this for you.

Virgin may charge you around £100 in order to do this when you can get around 25M of RG6 for around £10.

Just a suggestion?!?