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Modem woes ....2

Thanks for those who left a feedback to my question,I have tried all suggestions and had little or no effect,I think the modem has an issue despite test saying no,the blue light used to flash slowly but now it's flashing very very rapidly ,I am sat 3 metres from my modem and next doors bt signal is stronger ,also the blue button that needs to be pressed to connect blue tooth devices no longer works ! 

Aaahhh I going slightly mad ,forget the slightly 

       Regards steve

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Re: Modem woes ....2

It may be that you have a faulty router.  If this is the case your only option would be to contact Virgin Media (either by phone or Live Chat).  They should hopefully be able to get this resolved for you.

Virgin Media staff do visit this public forum but you may be waiting around a week for a reply, so you would be best contacting them via one of the above methods to try and get this resolved sooner.


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